The 10th World Hearing Voices Congress Programme

The 10th World Hearing Voices Congress – The Hague

Living with voices; A Human right!

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It is mainly voice hearers who will speak and there will be many workshops – a unique story! It is all  about meeting and sharing experiences. Focal point is voice hearers and their rights, including lived experiences, lectures, discussion and workshops.

 INTERVOICE DAY – 12 September

With Lisa Forestall and Olga Runciman as chairwomen and among others also Marius Romme and  Sandra Escher, who founded Intervoice and developed the ‘Maastricht Approach’.

Intervoice Day is meant to exchange experiences and share ideas, developments, dialogues and emotions. You will feel that you do not stand alone, but are part of a large family or tribe, our tribe!

WORLD CONGRESS – 13 and 14 September

English spoken, with simultaneous interpreter during the main programme.

Thursday 13 September

Jolijn Santegoeds: human rights activist and founder of Mindrights, an initiative against isolation cells and compulsion in mental health care.

Caroline Mazel-Carlton: Director of ‘Training Western Mass Recovery Learning Community’ and ‘ National Hearing Voices Research and Development Project USA’, about Spiritual Freedom.

Also contributions from:

Mick about the book ‘It’s all-in my Head’, Robin Timmers about the programme ‘Dealing with Voice Hearing’, Lauren MacCormack about ‘the voice hearing approach in forensic setting’.

Workshops about, among others:

‘Recovery of professionals – an open dialogue’; Craig Lewis about ‘Recovery programme: Better Days’; Peter Bullimore about ‘Life after compulsary admittance’; Jessica Pons ‘talking about discrimination, about social classes’; a workshop about ‘family constellations’; research about voice hearing, ‘Gestalt therapy and voice hearing’; ‘Filosophy of voice hearing and convictions’ and the film ‘Hearing voices’ with discussion led by Oryx Cohen.

Friday 14 September

Indigo Daya: advisor in voice hearing and human rights in mental health care, from Melbourne, Australia.

Olga Runciman: voice hearer, psychologist and open dialogue facilitator, member of the board of Intervoice , from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Danius Puras: child psychiatrist from Vilnius, Lithuania, since 2014 special reporter of UN on rights in health care; he will talk about his observations in psychiatry.

Other contributions to the symposium will come from Akiko Hart, chairwoman of ISPS UK, Jim Probert about ‘Hearing voices on US campus’; Dimitri Lattas, affiliated to Mad Studies, will talk about ‘Henry’s Dream’.

 Workshops among others, by Gail Hornstein about ‘Research into self-help groups in USA’; John Lawrence about ‘mental disability and voice hearing’; Jessica Pons about ‘Borderline and voice hearing’; Lucy Fernandes about ‘Drugs and voice hearing’; Eve Mundy about ‘Rights of young people who hear voices’; the Brasilian documentary about voice hearing and with fragments of the film Crazywise, ENIK will illustrate its recovery college.

On World Voice Hearing Day, Friday 14 September, we will organise a party and you will have the opportunity to see The Hague from the sea.

 Public Day 15 September

This day the language will be mainly Dutch and the purpose is to create wider awareness among the public about voice hearers and their human rights.

Speakers have been invited to talk about human rights:

Pieter Ippel, Jolijn Santegoeds, Wilma Boevink, Robin Timmers, Hermine and Harm and Suzanne Engelen.

 Further contributions from: Theatre ‘I hear what you do not hear’; Marius Romme and Sandra Escher about the ‘Maastricht Approach’; Peter Oud ‘Emotions and how to deal with voices’; Yvonne Doornbos ‘A different view on voice hearing’; Barbara Schaefer, ‘Research on voice hearing groups’; Tilly Gerritsma ‘A thousand presents’; Mehmet Yucel ‘Yucelmethode’, Vincent Swierstra, Mick de Schrijver and even more!

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