The 10th Hearing Voices World Congress

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The 10th Hearing Voices World Congress – The Haque, The Netherlands

The 10th World Hearing Voices Congress has the theme Human Rights.

Hearing voices is a common human experience. A lot of people who hear voices found a way to live with their voices. Other people have a lot of problems with the voices they hear.

Voiceheares have a long history of stigmation, pathologisation, exlusion and violations of their human rights.

The worldwide Hearing Voices Movement aims to help voicehearers find a way to live with their voices and to emancipate the hearing of voices.

We invite everyone to come together at the 10th World Hearing Voices Congress to learn with and from each other about hearing voices, recovery, emancipation and human rights!

Bezuidenhoutseweg 157
2594 AG Den Haag

Intervoice day  : 12 september
World congress : 13 and 14 september
Public day        : 15 september

INTERVOICE DAY (12 September)
Lisa Forestell and Olga Runciman, members of the Intervoice Boards, will lead this day.

Marius Romme en Sandra Escher the founders of the Maastricht approach, are looking forward, meeting you again.
The idea behind Intervoice Day is to exchange experiences, ideas, developments, dialogues, feelings. To feel that you are a member of a big family or tribe – our tribe! Countries can present their new developments and stimulate others to create new roads.

Free for paying members of Intervoice.  Entrance for non-members € 50,00



From 15:00h on people who are interested get a tour through historic The Hague and will pay a visit to Madurodam, a miniature of our Low Country.




WORLD CONGRESS (13 and 14 September)
Each day will have the same format.
We will start with three brief presentations from voice hearers about their personal stories. Then two consecutive keynote speakers will approach the human rights perspective.
In the afternoon there will be a symposium in the main hall and workshops in the surrounding rooms. We will close each day plenary in the main hall.


On Friday 14 September – World Hearing Voices Day – we will organise a BBQ and a party (€30,00) at the famous peer with a direct view at the sea!



Professionals and waged:  € 275,00 (inclusive party €305,00)
Low waged:  € 190,00 (inclusive party €220,00)
Voice hearers:  € 125,00 (inclusive party €155,00)

PUBLIC DAY (15 September)
This day is mainly in Dutch, translated in English and the goal is to raise awareness for hearing voices and human rights for a general audience.

Free entrance for the World congress participants. For other interested is it €25,00.
Entrance fees are including the lunch!

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