These 15 video were created by Elisabeth Svanholmer, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Rufus May. Filming and editing by John Richardson and his team  

The Engaging with Voices videos are intended as inspiration and support for people interested in compassionate approaches to voices.
If you are hearing voices or having similar experiences and they are causing you distress we would encourage you to seek support from someone you trust.
For more information and support you can have a look at the websites below.

Information about hearing voices and similar experiences:
International website for the hearing voices movement http://www.intervoiceonline.org/about-voices
For young people and their families http://www.voicecollective.co.uk/about-voices/
Ideas about recovery http://www.intervoiceonline.org/support-recovery
Project researching hearing voices https://hearingthevoice.org/frequently-asked-questions/

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