Welcome to Stichting Weerklank!
Stichting Weerklank is a foundation for people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory perceptions.

Stichting Weerklank is a foundation for people with these kind of experiences and for those who feel engaged to them, or have another interest in this subject.

Stichting Weerklank has three aims:

  • Services for people with these experiences:
    • To inform people and their important others about the above mentioned experiences
    • Offer peer support and selfhelp(groups)
    • Support people in coping with these experiences and if necessary give advise on where people can find suitable help.
  • Improve the professional care:
    • Provide information, training and support to caretakers in mental health organisations or other forms of care.
  • Influence the imaging on this subject:
    • Through theme related meetings and information in the media we want to decrease the stigma and prejudices on voicehearing and other unusual sensory perceptions, so society can become more tolerant and more understanding towards people with these kind of experiences.
Stichting Weerklank is also internationally active!

If you have any questions or want information, you can use our mail form.